Big Mac tacos

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Big Mac tacos

These are incredible! These macro friendly burger tacos only take about 10 minutes and they are insane!!

42g of protein for two as well!! 🔥

Ingredients for 2:
170g of 5% beef mince
2 small tortillas
2 gherkins
Sprinkle of lettuce
Half an onion
2 squares of light burger cheese

For the sauce:
Use burger sauce or to make a lighter one:
1 tbsp of light mayonnaise
2/3rds tbsp of ketchup
1 tsp of mustard
(Make more if you want more sauce😄)


1. roll the mince into 2 small balls and then place it onto the tortillas and flatten it
2. Add the tortilla to a greased frying pan and cook for a couple of mins on both side
3. With the mince facing upwards, add the cheese then add a lid ontop go the pan. Cook for another 1 min until the cheese starts to melt
4. Slice the lettuce, onion and gherkins and add it on top of the tacos
5. For the sauce combine the ketchup, mayo and mustard to make the burger sauce. Add any other sauces you want and enjoy!

2 reviews for Big Mac tacos

  1. ThemeNectar

    Looks awesome and works AMAZING!

  2. ThemeNectar

    Never quite seen anything like this toner. Fits perfectly into my routine and has tightened up some of my fine lines noticeably. Will be buying again.

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